Babe's Own Specialty Sundaes

Our specialty sundaes are actually made by our customers!  Based on your suggestions and requests, we've come up with some amazing creations.  Babe's also creates classic sundaes like the famous turtle sundae, banana fudge and or the great banana split. Or better yet create your own sundae so why not come on over and try them today!


Cinnamon Roll Sundae

A gooey cinnamon roll topped with a single scoop of your favorite ice cream drizzled with rich caramel, then topped with crushed cones and whipped cream.


The Best Brownie Sundae Ever

A rich double chocolate brownie topped with a single scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream engulfed in thick hot fudge and sweet caramel, crushed cones and a cloud of fluffy whipped cream.


Fat Elvis Sundae

A sundae for the King!  With two scoops of Fat Elvis ice cream, a sliced banana, peanut sugar and two toppings of your choice along with whipped cream and a cherry.




Chocolate Lava Cake Sundae with choice of ice cream