The very best hand-made ice cream cakes and pies!

Great ice cream makes great icecream cakes and pies!  Need a cake for that special event? Why not try an ice cream cake for your next celebration? Babe's makes many different sizes of icecream cakes with your favorite flavor.  Perfect for birthdays, office parties, or an after dinner dessert, make any occasion a special treat! Just give us 72 hours notice, Monday through Friday for any special order.  Just choose any of our Ice Cream Flavors, Cake Flavor, Size and Design, and there you go! A Customized Cake.  Or better yet, if you ever had that Ah! Oh! moment where you forgot it was your sisters birthday or you forgot it was your turn to bring a dessert so why not just come on over and pick it up.  

Most ice cream parlors offer only chocolate or vanilla cakes.  At Babe's, we make ice cream cakes and pies with a large variety of flavors and designs! Order a fun and beautiful ice cream cake for your next celebration! 

Photo Gallery

Browse through our cake and pie designs to get an idea of what we can do.  Order one just like the pictures, or customize your own! 

Ordering is easy - use our order form to place your order or call us at (414) 482-4000.  

In a rush? Again, no worries, we have PRE-MADE ice cream cakes at our store!  Just come in, pick one up.  It's that easy!

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